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Texan Roofing

Owner: Tim Kana
Phone 281-391-9600
1508 Whispering Oaks
Katy, Tx 77493

Operation Hours:

Monday – Sunday
Emergency Call Center open 24/7
And we can schedule any job, inspection, or Estimate any day of the week

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Who builds the best Katy roof?

Building the best Katy roof involves finding the right contractor.  A professional and experienced roofing contractor will have a valid business license.  They are willing to show off past projects and supply references, and they will not use high-pressure sales tactics or try to sell customers more services than they need.

Texan Roofing offers professionally installed Katy roofing on homes and businesses.  Their professional roofing repairmen can inspect roofs and repair weather damage and normal wear and tear on asphalt shingle, metal, tile and slate roofs, and they guarantee their work.  Each service comes with a warranty on the materials and labor.

How to install Katy roof shingles?

Repairing, replacing and installing shingles should always be performed by an experienced and licensed contractor.  Improperly installed shingles can greatly reduce the life of the roof and cause unwanted leaking, which could result in very costly repairs long before the end of the roof's useful life.

Texan Roofing goes the extra mile when it comes to installing roofing in Katy.  They do not use nail guns.  Most homeowners do not realize that nail guns can damage shingles.  Nail guns making nailing faster, but it is less accurate and can result in crooked nails and nails punching entirely through the shingle.  Instead of using pneumatic nail guns, Texan roofing trains their roofers to install shingles using roofing hammers and nails.  By hand nailing each and every shingle to the roof, they are ensuring that the nails are placed and spaced exactly as the manufacturer intended.  This results in a better quality roof that lasts and looks beautiful for decades.

 Is your Katy roof damaged?

The best roofing maintenance starts with a thorough roof inspection after every major storm.  Hail, wind and heavy rain can damage roofs, and if left unrepaired, that damage can turn into a major financial catastrophe.  The trick is to stay vigilant.  After every major storm, complete and interior and exterior walk through.  Look for cracked paint and water spots along the outer walls of the home.  Inhale and note the smell of water, mold or mildew.  During the exterior walk, look for loose gutters, bent or missing flashings and bent or missing shingles.  If there are any signs of damage to the roof, call a professional contractor.

Texan Roofing offers fast and affordable roofing repairs for weather damaged roofs, and they use Mule-Hide roofing products, including coatings and asphalt shingles.  They are BBB accredited and Master Shingle Applicator Certainteed certified as well as members of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas.  Potential clients can expect fair prices with zero high-pressure sales tactics.


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In Texas, Katy roofs are accustomed to withstanding many elements. Situated in a tri-county area that is part of the Houston metropolitan region, properties in Katy sometimes deal with high heat and humidity, torrential rainfall and forceful wind. However, with a bit of care and maintenance, wood shake can endure these weather events. There are reasons that wood shake remains a popular choice of shingle to this day, especially in Texas. Here are some of the wonderful benefits of choosing a wood shake roof.

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